Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

1. The User hereby agrees and acknowledges that the User may cancel Booking request for a Trip through the Platform, at any point of time subject to a Cancellation Fee charged by Rakkab and in accordance with the cancellation and refund policy of the Company as made available on the Platform.

2. For the purpose of Bookings requested and/or completed on the Platform or through the Authorised Channels, the Users may request for cancellation of the Bookings directly on the Platform through the call centres at Rakkab or through the Authorised Channels who had made such Booking on behalf of the User, in accordance with the cancellation and refund policy and subject to deduction of the Cancellation Fee. The Users agrees that in respect of any Booking which have been made through the Authorised Channels, it is the responsibility of the customer/User to (i) make himself/herself aware of the cancellation and refund policy of Rakkab which is available to all users who access the Platform; and (ii) inquire about the cancellation and refund policy of Rakkab from the Authorised Channels who a user had engaged for making Booking on behalf of such User/customer. The User hereby waives and releases Rakkab from and against any claim that may be made by the customer/User on account of loss, cost and expenses suffered or incurred arising out of or in connection with Cancellation Fee and cancellation and refund policy of Rakkab, whether or not the User/customer has perused the same at the time of making Booking or placing Booking request.

3. In addition to the cancellation and refund policy made available on the Platform which can be accessed by any User/customer who visits the Platform, the User is also intimated of the applicable terms of cancellation, refund, and Cancellation Fee at the time when the Booking is being made or cancelled.


4. There could be exceptional circumstances beyond the control of the Company and the Third-Party Operators such as Force Majeure Events because of the occurrence of which the Third-Party Operators may be unable to honor the confirmed Bookings. If Rakkabis informed in advance of such situations where dishonor of Bookings may happen, it will make its best efforts to provide alternative to its User or refund the Booking Price after reasonable service charges, if supported and refunded by that respective Third-Party Operator. The User agrees that Rakkab being a facilitator for provision of the Platform for enabling a User to make Bookings for availing the Transportation Services offered by Third Party Operator shall not be responsible for any such circumstances and cancellations. The maximum liability of Rakkab in such events will be to refund the Booking Price amount subject to receipt from the same from the Third-Party Operators.

5. In the event that the User fails to board the Bus from the pick-up point, or any other point as specified in the Ticket for any reason whatsoever, including, inter alia, a delay on his/her part, Rakkab would not be held liable to refund the Booking Price for the same.

6. Rakkab shall provide a receipt of the Cancellation Fee, if any, payable by the User for every cancellation in terms of the clauses above for such cancellations. The User may raise a request for a copy of the invoices regarding such cancellation from the support page on the Platform. The Cancellation Fee shall be due and payable by the User at the time of cancellation and shall be recovered from the Booking Price paid by the User in respect of such Ticket.

7. Rakkab will not entertain any change in the details or route for which the Ticket has been Booked, at the request of the User after Booking. However, Rakkab may, in its sole discretion and subject to availability, provide changes in the Ticket details or routes subject to User paying additional/alteration charges levied and payable in respect of such change/cancellation.