Refund Policy

Processing of Refunds

Upon acceptance of a cancellation request or if the User is of the view that he/she has been wrongly charged in respect of any particular Booking for an amount in excess of the Booking Price and provided such excess amount has not been charged/debited for reasons attributable to the Payment Facilitator, then the User shall may raise a refund request on the Platform, or thorough the Authorised Channels or through the support team of the Company, in accordance with the cancellation and refund policy of the Company. Where the Company determines that a refund request is valid, the refund amount of the Booking Price after and subject to the deceptions of the Cancellation Fee, shall be credited back to the User’s wallet or bank accounts through which the payment was made or to the Authorised Channel through which the Booking was made. The User expressly agrees and acknowledges that in case the Booking had been made by a customer/User through an Authorised Channels, the refunds (if any) will be made to the User through the Authorised Channel who had made the Booking on behalf of the User/customer and the User agrees that it will be the sole responsibility of the Authorised Channel to refund the amounts in respect of the cancelled Booking to the User. The User hereby disclaims, waives and releases the Company from and against any claim, liability, loss or damage that may be suffered or incurred by the User on account of Users inability to collect and recover such amount from the Authorised Channel and/or Authorised Channel’s failure to release the refund amount to the User.


In the event that the User has paid an amount in excess of the Booking Price or an amount has been deducted from the debit/credit card, net banking, wallet etc. for reasons attributable to the Payment Facilitator or for lack of User authorization, the User agrees that refund of such amount any claims relating thereto shall be between the User, Payment Facilitator and the bank and the Users hereby expressly releases the Company from any loss, claims, damages in respect of the same. However, even in such a scenario, the User shall be required to email [email protected] or contact Rakkab on customer care and make a refund request to be placed by Rakkab on behalf of the Customer to the Payment Facilitator and the bank clearly explaining the circumstances of such User’s refund request. The Company will make reasonable efforts to respond to and intimate the bank or the Payment Facilitator of such refund request at the earliest. Please note that Rakkab will not be responsible for non- acceptance or delays which may be caused by any third parties such as banks or Payment Facilitators, who are responsible for facilitating such refund request of the User.